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Whose Next To Take on The Man of Steel?

We’re already hearing the rumors. After the solid performance of Man of Steel at the box office, talk is already working itself around that a sequel is on the burner and that more than likely, it may be fast-tracked to a preliminary 2014 release date. Impressive on any level. In light of this, its definitely NOT too soon to start speculating on who will be the challenger to try his metal against the Kryptonian Bruiser?

Lex Luthor
lex02**Spoiler** For those who have seen Man of Steel and paid attention, there was a brief glimpse of a ‘LexCorp’ tanker truck being hurled at Superman during the final battle with General Zod in the streets of Metropolis. Besides the fact that LexCorp is a rather large and profitable organization, I’m willing to bet there was more to that cameo appearance than meets the eye. My guess, the Man of Steel will once again trade barbs with his all-time arch nemesis, Lex Luthor!

brainiacI would love nothing better than to see this supreme and all-powerful alien super-villain rain fire and brimstone down on Superman. A super-advanced sentient being bent on dominating or destroying humanity, sounds good, only problem, we just had something like this in General Zod. I don;t think they’ll go the alien route back-to-back but stranger things have happened.

doomsdayFor those not up-to-speed with the comic book universe – in one of the best selling collected stories of all time, Doomsday, a genetically engineered Kryptonian weapon, cuts a path of destruction across the Earth, culminating in a life-or-death showdown against Superman in Metropolis in which the man of steel is killed. Hey I couldn’t believe it either, but it happened. So do we introduce this bruiser this earlier in the successfully rebooted Superman series or hang on to him for a series ending finale? My sentiment exactly. Let’s shelf him for a later date!

darkseidA super-powered God-like alien being? Maybe a bit too much for the next Superman but I’m guessing we may hear of him again in say 2015 if and when the Justice League takes to the stage. Stay tuned.

Is that all? Not on your life. Superman is tough guy and he made a lot of enemies during his tenure. The four above are my picks. What are yours? Who do you think has the gall to make a serious run at the man from Krypton?

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