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5 Man of Steel Tees You’ll Want To Nab Before They’re Gone!

Here is a compilation of Man of Steel/Superman shirts currently available at online stores across the Web…

$19.99UBU Unlimited
This one sold on Ubu Unlimited falls more in line with the overall theme of the film which many who saw it described as ‘darker’ than the other Superman movie attempts.

$15.36Hot Topic
Even more-so than the first Man of Steel shirt, this dark and rocky grey logo tee is even more foreboding, and really speaks to the dark and calamitous events that both kick off the film and bring it to its destructive Metropolis finale!

The creative nature of this tee is what grabbed my attention with a visage of Clark as both the mild-mannered reporter at the Daily Planet and the Man of Steel.

The General Zod logo tee is a personal favorite of mine, and one, I might add, that I recently received in the mail last week! The logo was a refreshing break from the traditional Superman ‘S’ and plus it just looked cool and sinister!

$22.99 – Tees-N-Things
This one stood out because of the more traditional colors it had as well as the dark surroundings. Simple and straight forward Man of Steel tee.

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