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How-To Be Geek and Cool

Geeks used to be the outcasts. They were seen as “uncool” and if you were labeled as a geek, it was a sign that your place in the social hierarchy was low. All of that has changed, geeks are now considered to be the cool ones and they are looked up to, respected, and even emulated by others.

geek-francisGeeks, once on the bottom rung of the social ladder are now at the top. Suddenly, being a geek is cool and people who used to hide their innermost geeky tendencies are suddenly free to fly that geek flag, and to do so with pride. So, push your glasses up on your nose and stow your pen in your pocket protector because we are about to take you on a journey showcasing how geeks went from un-cool to cool.

The Geek Chic movement
Geek chic has become a style of its own; a combination of geek and hipster, it allows both geeks and non-geeks to showcase their love of all things geek by paying homage to the geek wardrobe. Glasses did not used to be cool but look at the number of celebrities who prefer their glasses to contacts. Tina Fey, not just a pretty face, but also a brilliant comedic mind wears glasses over contacts.

Geek chic is only one of the ways that has paved the way for geeks to become mainstream. What can you learn from geek chic? If you like it, wear it. It is as simple as that. You are allowed to define your own style, as long as you are comfortable with it, wear it with flair. If you cannot wear contacts and must wear glasses, pick frames with some color and style and flaunt them!

Embrace what you Love
Twenty or even ten years ago if you raved about your favorite video game or even about your favorite movie director or author, you would most likely get an eye roll from whoever you were talking too. These days, it is cool to geek out over the things that you love the most.

Fandoms for various movies, TV shows, and books have sprung up. Doctor Who, Sherlock, Fringe, and The Big Bang Theory all feature smarter than average characters. In fact, The Big Bang Theory has over 20 million viewers. Geeky characters have become so popular that they are being added to more and more shows, which is proof that the nerds are coming back, and they are coming back strong.

It is no longer a stigma to be branded a geek. Thanks to technology, geeks from all over can join virtually to discuss the things that they love. Conventions, once ridiculed by the public, are so popular now that getting an admission pass can be extremely difficult if not done a year in advance, at least! Check out the very popular Geek conventions like E3 and ComicCon.

geek-cosplayCosplayers, once looked down upon, are now well known on social media sites and they are proof that geeks come in all shapes and sizes.

The motto of the geek is fairly simple; if you love it, embrace it. Kevin Smith, self-proclaimed geek and filmmaker, also loves comic books. Although he has owned a comic book shop for years, it was only until recently that it was highlighted with its own TV show, Comic Book Men.

Comic books, TV shows, video games, anime/manga, sci-fi and fantasy, and cosplay, once things discussed in hushed whispers are now front and center as topics. Look at the strength of the fandoms of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and even cancelled shows such as Firefly.

All that is required to be a cool geek is to embrace what you love. There is no shame in being a girl gamer, or if you like to cosplay, the only shame is when you do not own up to it. Do what makes you happy because, you are not the only one out there! Have fun with your knowledge and your obsessions.

Start a blog or a Facebook page centered on your favorite hobbies or talents. You will find that others flock to your page to see what you can do and you will find an entire network of people to build your own skills and knowledge from. Post how-to video on YouTube; how-to videos from anything from beating bosses in video games, to how to solve computer problems are a hot commodity so turn your love of something into a way to help others.

Technology and the Rise of the Geeks
As technology branched out and become accessible to everybody, it helped to facilitate the rise of the geeks from uncool to cool. In fact, geeks have become the go-to person for technology challenged people to seek out for help with their personal gadgets.

Best Buy even has their Geek Squad, their on-site and off-site staff for all things technical. As technology becomes popular, geeks hold our hands and guide us through the changes, helping us navigate a sea of technological jargon that we do not understand. We have probably all used Google for tech help at some point or another and of course, it is the blogs and websites of the geeks that we delve into to find the information that we need.

geek-zuckWe owe our thanks to geeks for the technology that we have. We have Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to thank for much of it, and of course, Mark Zuckerberg is the social media genius behind Facebook. Music lovers have Shawn Fanning to thank for Napster. With the advent of technology, we got open-source software that will compete against the expensive major programs. Geeks have given us the world at our fingertips.

If you want to be a cool geek, broadcast your love of technology instead of hiding it. Many sites allow you to build your own apps so if you have an idea go ahead and make it happen! Self-publishing of anything from e-books to apps is easy in the age of the internet. Opportunities abound for new idea, no apps, and new programs. The digital age is far from being over. If you love to put together computers, then do so! If you want to develop mobile apps, then you can. Being a geek means that you stop wishing to do things and you do them. If you want to start your own blog, make today the day that you do so.

Geeks as Role Models
From cosplayers, who encourage us to embrace our love of playing make believe and to do what you love, to filmmakers, such as J.J. Abrams and Kevin Smith, geeks are taking their place as role models. They teach us that we do not have to conform to be popular or to be successful. The success of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates proves that.

Being a geek means success. Your peers look up to you and not down at you. Video game popularity is surging and technology as a whole is a hot field with amble room for new geeks to work their way up the ranks. Technological innovation is the way of the future and the geeks are paving the path.

So what is the secret to being a cool geek? Just be yourself! Being a geek is about embracing everything that you love and going after it with everything that you have. It does not matter if that means comic books, mobile apps, computers, or even movies, if you love it, flaunt it. Love what you do and do what makes you happy because nothing is cooler than being comfortable in your own skin, doing the things that you love.

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