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Exactly How Good is Bioshock Infinite?

Bioshock is easily one of the leading first person shooters (FPS) in the last decade or so. What has always made the difference between Bioshock and other shooter games is the very unique graphics and game-play environment in-which the game takes place. With the first two Bioshock’s taking place underwater, BioShock Infinite takes us into the clouds in the fictional city of Columbia (which is actually a name for the States). Extraordinary story, graphics, twists, combat movements and many other additional options clearly make BioShock Infinite the leading first person shooter this year and one the very best adventure games in the last several years.

bioshock-infinite-03The story is one of the highlights of this game. War veteran Booker DeWitt is being sent by an unknown figure to find a girl named Elizabeth and “wipe away the debt”. This is one of the early mysteries and it is ongoing, since we have no idea who sent Booker on this mission and what debt they are talking about. Colombia is ruled by self-proclaimed prophet Comstock, who built Columbia as a nation of the white race and nationalism. When Booker arrives, based on a prophecy from Comstock, he was marked as a wanted figure and a potential destroyer of the Columbian civilization. Now on the run, Booker’s goal to find the girl is going to be much harder. Booker eventually finds Elizabeth and begins a journey with her to rediscover the past and take down Comstock.

Although it might seem that Elizabeth is just a distraction from your shooter adventures, au contraire. Elizabeth has a special gift, which allows her to tear between past and present and bring some items from the past in the present. This is actually useful in combat and she becomes the integral part of your fights. When she is not around, you will find it difficult to fight. In the previous versions of Bioshock we had guns as main weapons, but also a spell of some sort called the plasmids. In BioShock Infinite, plasmids are renamed to vigors, but serve the same purpose. In the fights you can use these spells to ease the fight. You can throw Hitchcock-style crows to attack the enemy or even use vigor to turn them to your side for a brief moment.

bioshock-infinite-01The setting of America is ancient and the religion is a mix of Christianity set up by Comstock and the Founding Fathers. The enemies you are fighting against are also part of his crew, and especially the robotic George Washington, who is relatively hard to defeat. Other than him, there is a whole list of opponents, and many regular ones, such as minions of Comstock. Since Columbia is based in the sky, the movements are also different. One of the most intriguing aspects of the movement is via the skyline, similar to zip lining. By grabbing with a hook, you can move from structure to structure across the sky, targeting enemies as you zip along.

The graphics are absolutely amazing and one of the best I have ever seen. It is firmly believed that a full satisfaction cannot be reached with the PS3 or Xbox and that a PC version should be played instead.

BioShock Infinite is definitely a story you don’t want to miss. First person shooter, great gameplay and intriguing new world will leave you breathless and keep you talking about and playing the game for months on end.

This is only one side of the story. If you’ve played it, we want to hear what the Hell, how was it? Go!

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