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Cool Geeks Who Achieved Greatness!

Remember the kid in the school who sat alone at lunch? Who wandered aimlessly around the school, detached, seemingly anti-social? The kid everyone begged to slide them the answers to that impossible test question? The kid, whose picture in yearbook, no one could quite nail down? The kid you essentially never knew or saw because no one paid them any mind? Yes, that kid. Well some of these ‘Geeks’ may just be your boss. Some of the kids may just be the future architects of the world as you know it. Here are some of these ‘kids’ who have achieved greatness!

Bill Gates – Microsoft
Who doesn’t know the name Bill Gates? The founder of Microsoft, the visionary architect of an operating system, like it or hate it, that essentially runs the planet! Gates is wealthy yes. He is the founder of Microsoft and the master of the software I am furiously typing away on as we speak, but cool you say? Absolutely! Let me ask you this, have you ever seen the movie – Pirates of Silicon Valley? No? Go rent it, buy it, borrow it from a friend or family member, watch it and come back and let me know what you think!

If that film had an ounce of truth behind it, Gates could be considered the original gangsta of the computer age. You’ll see what I mean in the film, but Gates and his cohorts were ahead of their time and had a vision that far exceed others in the industry and they used that insight to beg, borrow and steal (and I mean this in the loosest sense of the word…maybe dupe is closer?) the technology that made Microsoft what it is today. It was that film that gave me undying respect for the technical and business acumen of Bill Gates.

Steve Jobs – Apple
Black turtle neck, jeans, specs, Jobs! The late great and forever master of Apple, with his hand in nearly every Apple product, Wowed enthusiasts at his regularly held product announcements with a swagger and a confidence only Jobs could muster. He was a legend, good or bad, depending on who you ask, people knew Jobs! And, despite the ups and downs in Job’s career and his legendary meltdowns as depicted in Walter Isaacson’s book – Steve Jobs, the man will go down as a visionary and creative genius in consumer computing. He KNEW the customer and he knew what we needed!

Cool? Besides coming up with ground breaking technology like the indespensible iPad, how about the new headquarter facility being built? Yea….Cool just doesn’t quite cut it! apple-hq Apple Campus 2, when completed, will be one of the most expensive construction projects in recent history, with its projected $5 billion cost surpassing the $3.9 billion price tag of the new World Trade Center. The new headquarters will be built across 175 acres and will be roughly two-thirds the size of the Pentagon, with more than 2.8 million square feet of floor space. The curved structure will require more than 6 kilometers of concave glass to enclose the 40-foot high building. Apple Campus 2 will be a net-zero energy building, using no energy from the grid. It will have 700,000 square feet of solar panels, which will produce 8 megawatts of power, enough to power 4,000 homes. [read more...]

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook
Zuck! Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of that strange phenomenon we’ve come to know as Facebook. Net worth at last check hovering roughly around $13.3 billion, age 29, Zuckerberg is the stuff of Geek legends. What did it for me? How did he make our list? The film – The Social Network.

I’ve never met Zuckerberg, though I wish sometime in my lifetime I either have the chance to, or at least be in his immediate vicinity. If the part of Zuckerberg, played by the awesome Jesse Eisenberg is anywhere remotely accurate, Mark Zuckerberg could very well prove to be diety status (let’s get a DNA swab on this…STAT!). The Zuckerberg in the film, with his over the top intellectual grasp of things, his fast talking, smart ass demeanor and his almost God-like treatment of mere mortals is awe inspiring to say the least. More likely to turn people off or rub them the wrong way, Zuck is in an intellectual realm most geeks could only dream of! His time of the surface of Earth will definitely be one for the history books!

Larry Ellison – Oracle
Besides running THE database giant of the tech world, Oracle, Ellison is known for spending unfathomable amounts of money acquiring stuff and things the rich and infamous would refer to as ‘toys.’ From Airplanes to cars to yachts, Ellison likes his toys. Supposedly with an ego that rivals that of Lex Luthor, Ellison has good reason to gloat and bask in the victory of Geekdom. Worth roughly $43bil as of March 2013, this geek knows how to make solid statements and is not afraid to let others know that he is the man!

But to elaborate a bit further, what possible “toys” could Ellison posses that would make the Fonz on Happy Days blush? For starters, Cobra Roadster, by Kirkham Motorsports. Or how about the Rising Sun, a 453-foot mega-yacht boasting 82 rooms, five stories, a gymnasium, private cinema, basketball court and glass staircases. Yeah…we know!

Though the small intimate list we have here is no where remotely complete, it does serve notice, that the Geeks shall inherit the earth…if they haven’t already! To Geekdom!

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